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Make a Difference in October

October 22nd is Make a Difference Day! If you have ever wondered if your actions can make a difference, the answer is yes. And if you have wondered where to start, consider volunteering for Senior Services. Volunteering is all about becoming the change you wish to see...

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Open Enrollment – Medicare Part D and Advantage Plans

Open enrollment for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage is October 15 through December 7 with coverage beginning January 1st. The open enrollment period is an opportunity for you to shop around for a plan that will best meet your needs next year. By completing a...

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October Volunteer of the Month

by Allison Rossi Utter, Volunteer & Community Outreach Manager Jacques Randolet is our Volunteer of the Month for October for his work as a Transportation Driver. He has been driving for us since 2009! Jacques is known as the “French Guy or Dude” depending on who...

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Care Coordination Corner: UTI Symptoms

You may have heard of the term “UTI” but do not know what it stands for, or you may have experienced a UTI and know exactly how it can affect your health and life. A UTI is a Urinary Tract Infection. Common causes are a weakened immune system, improper or poor...

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Our Mind Matters: Why are Memory Screenings Important?

By Amy Sheridan, Family Support and Activity Manager at Seasons Memory screenings are a significant first step toward finding out if a person may have a memory problem. Memory problems could be caused by Alzheimer’s disease or other medical conditions. While a memory...

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How to Bend, But Not Break 7 Traits of Resilient People

By Pantea Vahidi, RN, Resilience Educator at the University of California, San Diego Having watched patients in their most vulnerable times of pain and agony, I have been privileged to witness many of them find the courage and strength to rise above their...

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September 18th-24th is National Adult Day Services Week!

In honor of this annual event, let’s take a look into a day at Seasons. Seasons Adult Day Health Services is a therapeutic enrichment program held during the day in a group setting. It is for individuals living with a chronic illness, changes in memory or with a...

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Having a Bad Day? A New Hotline Gives You Options for Joy

Amid a crush of heavy news from around the world, who couldn't use some sage advice right now? Call a new hotline, and you'll get just that — encouraging words from a resilient group of kindergartners. Kids' voices will prompt you with a menu of options: If you're...

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