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5 Ways to Prevent Hospitalizations

Hospitals save lives. But you’d be hard-pressed to find many people eager to spend time there. Most medical professionals agree that staying healthy enough to avoid a hospital stay should be the ultimate goal. That’s especially true for older adults. Professionals who...

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Senior Services Awards Everett N. Luce Community Champions!

Each year, Senior Services presents the Everett N. Luce Award to an individual and an organization for their leadership and contributions toward improving the quality of life for older adults in Midland County. This year’s award recipients were announced during Senior...

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Let’s Give Thanks Together: Wed, Nov 15th!

Please join us for a delicious, traditional Thanksgiving lunch at each of our Centers to eat, drink, and be thankful! Lunch will be served at 11:30 am. Registration is now open for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our Christmas celebration will be held on December 13th....

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Why Do You Want My Birthdate?

Senior Services is in the process of updating records in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of our services. You may have recently received a postcard in the mail prompting you to contact us if our information on file was incorrect. Please double-check your...

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Help Your Neighbors, Help Yourself

You Can Change Someone’s Life in Four Hours a Week By Carol Humbyrd, Senior Services Volunteer Transportation Driver From January through June of this year, Senior Services volunteers drove a total of 7,088 hours and transported 8,837 Midland County older adults. By...

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Care Coordination Corner: Scams Translated

by Julie Randolph, Information & Access and Care Coordination Manager “You’ve WON.” Translation: “I want you to think that a little gamble will actually get you a prize, but I’m really just getting access to your bank account.” There is no trip, no prize, no...

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November is American Diabetes Month

by Danielle Maguire, RDN, Nutrition Program Director What foods you eat can be a powerful tool in managing diabetes, it’s all about balance! Carbohydrates are often labeled as “bad” but they are NOT the enemy! Our bodies need carbohydrates (or “carbs”) – whether you...

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November Volunteer of the Month

by Allison Rossi Utter, Volunteer & Community Outreach Manager Karen Lawrence is being honored as November’s Volunteer of the Month for her work as a Meals on Wheels driver. Karen started volunteering with her husband, Jim. in the Fall of 2010. Karen explained,...

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