Senior Services News

Welcome, Natalie Tucker: Mills Center Director

Senior Services is pleased to announce Natalie Tucker as the NEW Mills Activity & Dining Center Director! Natalie has previously worked as a teacher, librarian, a tutor for university students and a freelance writer for the Midland Daily News as well as various...

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Care Coordination Corner: Building on Strength

by Julie Randolph, Care Coordination Manager A Care Coordinator works in partnership with an older adult to enhance their quality of life and to promote independence. Meeting a need by delivering a service or resource is not the primary goal. Our purpose is not...

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Trailside Center Entrance Renovation

Trailside Center’s front desk at the main entrance is undergoing a much-needed renovation that began in mid-April. During construction, a temporary front desk will be available for use at the southwest entrance of the building near the library. See map for instruction...

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May Volunteer of the Month

by Allison Rossi Utter, Volunteer & Community Outreach Manager Always willing to go the “extra mile,” transportation driver John Lupanoff is our May Volunteer of the Month. “John Lupanoff is an excellent choice for volunteer of the month” says Trish Brown,...

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Care Coordination Corner: Impacts of the Pandemic

by Julie Randolph, Care Coordination Manager We can all agree that COVID-19 disrupted our daily routine. We began working remotely, canceled social events, and delayed travel plans. Out of motivation to avoid the virus, older adults in particular reduced or...

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May is for Mothers!

By Megan Crockett, Nutrition Program Director The topic of nostalgia has come up many times in discussion around food and favorite memories. Do you have fond memories of baking holiday recipes with your mom? Is there a special dish that she prepared for your Birthday...

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Our Mind Matters: Parkinson’s Disease Dementia

A monthly article brought to you by Senior Services Memory Support Programs Parkinson’s disease dementia is a decline in thinking and reasoning that develops in many people living with Parkinson’s at least a year after diagnosis. The brain changes caused by...

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Giving and Receiving

by Trena Winans, Director of Education & Community Outreach We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘as you give, you get’ or variations on that theme. What is interesting is that evidence is mounting that this maxim is backed up by fact. In particular, I am referring to the...

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