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The Joys of Herb Gardening

 By Tom Lowrey, Education Assistant. “Not difficult to plan, not at all difficult to maintain, a garden of herbs gives more months of garden pleasure and more kinds of pleasure than any other. Its interest is independent of flowers, its fragrances are given from the...

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Fit for Life: Let’s Get Started!

 By Trena-Winans-Bagnall, Education & Community Outreach Director. I have yet to meet anyone in my classes who does not know they are strongly advised to exercise, yet many just can’t seem to get started or maintain a strong fitness habit. Exercise is proven to...

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Nutrition Fact or Myth?

By Carol Witte, RDN, Nutrition Program Director. Nutrition advice is everywhere—television talk shows, magazines, newspapers, bookstores—and the list could go on and on. How do you know what is really good for you? There are always studies being completed. Every week...

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Socialize, Keep Active, Exercise Your Brain

Written by Senior Services’ Staff: Deb Conarty R.N., Seasons Director, Monica Bissett, Seasons Program Manager, Erin Wallace, Seasons Program Manager Are you or someone you know living with Parkinson’s disease, stroke, diabetes, memory loss or another chronic illness?...

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Giving and Receiving

By Trena-Winans-Bagnall, Senior Services Education & Community Outreach Director. We’ve all heard the phrase, “as you give, you get” or variations on that theme. What is interesting is that evidence is mounting that this maxim is backed up by fact. In particular,...

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Make Connections, Get Help

By Renee Hansen, Senior Services Editor. If you're facing a major illness or stressful life change, you don't have to go it alone. A support group can help. Support groups bring together people facing similar issues, whether it is an illness or you’re helping a loved...

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Battling the“Silent Killer”

By Tom Lowrey, Senior Services Education Assistant. Heart disease. Stroke. Congestive heart failure. Kidney disease. Blindness. Do you want to lower your risk of having these things happen to you? “Then it’s time to have your blood pressure checked,” says Billie...

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New Love in Later Years

By Trena-Winans-Bagnall, Senior Services Education & Community Outreach Director. It is not uncommon to hear at Senior Services people wishing they had a love interest in their lives. They are far from alone. With the burgeoning population of people above the age...

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Using Mental Workouts to Stay Sharp

By Thomas Lowrey, Senior Services Education Assistant. Lifting weights. Doing a brisk walk for a couple of miles. Going to Zumba class. Swimming a few laps. Practicing yoga or tai-chi. These and other activities are great ways to maintain strong bones and muscles, to...

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