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Summer Produce

By Carol Witte, RDN, Senior Services Nutrition Program Director In Michigan it is so easy to obtain a variety of colorful produce at the Farmers Market, fruit markets or even the grocery stores in the month of August and September. The variety of produce seems endless...

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Meditation: It’s Not Just for Yogis!

By Trena Winans, Education & Community Outreach Director Perhaps you have heard recommendations to try meditation, or know people who swear by it. Far from being some new-age fad, meditation is increasingly being proven to have major emotional and physical...

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The Thrill of the Hunt: Addicted to Genealogy

By Tom Lowrey, Senior Services Education Assistant “Genealogy is not an illness; it’s a fatal disease.” So says Quita Shier, a member of a ragtag group of genealogists who call themselves “The Bones Ladies.” “It’s an addiction,” adds Wilma Diesen, Quita’s good friend...

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Don’t Let Dehydration Drag You Down

By Renee Hansen, Public Relations Manager at Senior Services Older adults are at a higher risk of dehydration than any other age group. During the hot summer months, don’t let dehydration get the best of you. Use the information below to make sure you get the fluid...

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Financial Exploitation: What is it and How Can I Get Help?

By Barbara Zebley-Oldani LBSW, Care Coordination Program Director. Elder financial exploitation occurs when a person misuses or takes the money, property or belongings of an older adult. This type of exploitation can be committed by someone the older adult knows and...

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Dairy Foods Fact or Myth?

By Carol Witte, RDN, Nutrition Program Director. Dairy foods are packed with important nutrients you need including calcium, vitamin D, potassium and protein. Three servings of low fat or fat free dairy items are recommended every day to improve bone health, lower...

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Take it from Someone Who Knows!

By Amy Kelly, Seasons Activity Coordinator & Monica Bissett, Seasons Program Manager. Meet Annette: She enjoys keeping up on current events, family game nights, working crossword and jigsaw puzzles and having a good meal out with loved ones. Meet Jim: He enjoys...

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The Joys of Herb Gardening

 By Tom Lowrey, Education Assistant. “Not difficult to plan, not at all difficult to maintain, a garden of herbs gives more months of garden pleasure and more kinds of pleasure than any other. Its interest is independent of flowers, its fragrances are given from the...

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Fit for Life: Let’s Get Started!

 By Trena-Winans-Bagnall, Education & Community Outreach Director. I have yet to meet anyone in my classes who does not know they are strongly advised to exercise, yet many just can’t seem to get started or maintain a strong fitness habit. Exercise is proven to...

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