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Midland Prime Times Newspaper

Midland Prime Times

The Midland Prime Times is a newspaper published by Senior Services that provides information of interest and importance to older adults in Midland County. It is filled with the latest events, educational programs and interesting classes. It covers topics such as health, humor, Medicare, Social Security, nutrition and more. You can also always find information about volunteers, descriptions of programs, seasonal recipes and a joke of the month. The newspaper has an average monthly circulation of 7,500.

How to Subscribe

Click the button below to subscribe online or you may fill out the subcription form located on the back of the monthly newspaper and mail it with Attention to the Editor at 4700 Dublin Ave., Midland, MI. You may also call call 989-633-3744 for more information.

A suggested contribution of $10 per year helps to cover the costs of producing and mailing the paper. If you are 60 years of age or older and live in Midland County a contribution is not required, but is always appreciated. Those under age 60 and out-of-county deliveries require a $10 fee.

Please call 989-633-3744 or subscribe online by clicking the button below.

Classified Ads

If you would like to purchase a classified advertisement in the Midland Prime Times, please fill out the form online, click the button below. The deadline to submit an ad is the 3rd of each month. The editor will contact you about placement, design and availability before publication.

Call (989) 633-3744 for more information.

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Business Advertising in Midland Prime Times

If you would like to run an advertisement in the Midland Senior Paper, please fill out the form below. The deadline to submit an ad is the 8th of each month.

Important Advertising Information

  • The advertising deadline is the 8th of each month. New advertisers must contact the Editor by the 1st of the month.
  • Advertiser will be billed after the advertisement is run and the balance is due upon receipt.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing and are not accepted after the layout is completed.
  • Positioning is determined by the Editor.
  • Due to postal regulations for nonprofit mailing, advertisements cannot be accepted for travel, insurance, political or financial instruments.
  • No direct competition ads will be accepted. Some additional requirements may limit what we can accept

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