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Mental Strain Helps Maintain a Healthy Brain

By Daniel Pendick, Former Executive Editor, Harvard Men's Health Watch When it comes to keeping healthy and fit, living a mentally active life is as important as regular physical exercise. Just as your muscles grow stronger with use, mental exercise keeps your mental...

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Medicare Update: Wellness & Preventive Services

What’s New? The Affordable Care Act made many improvements to Medicare. If you have Original Medicare, you will now be able to get many preventive services for free as well as a yearly “Wellness” exam. Importance of Preventive Services The best way to stay healthy is...

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Alter Attitudes About Aging

By Trena Winans, Senior Services Education & Outreach Director Have you ever found yourself grumbling about the “old” driver in front of you? Despaired about an upcoming birthday or a new wrinkle on your face? Look around, and you will see negative stereotypes...

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Healthy Lifestyle for Nutrition Month

By Carol Witte, RDN Director of Nutrition Services & Centers We need motivation and dedication to have a healthy lifestyle. This includes making healthy food choices at the grocery store, preparing healthy foods, making good food choices when eating out,...

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Classics of the Dow Tennis Classic

In late January, Scott Seeburger and Ron R. Sexton became the first inductees into the Dow Tennis Classic's new Hall of Fame. Seeburger is a former public relations and community relations manager for Dow Corning. He was instrumental in the creation of the tournament...

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Eating for a Healthy Heart

February is American Heart Month and food choices have a big impact on your heart’s health! Meals served at Senior Services Activity & Dining Centers and for Meals on Wheels are heart healthy. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I keep up to date on...

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Not Too Old to Travel Abroad

By Tom Lowrey, Education Assistant Do you sometimes wish you could travel abroad, but then find yourself nixing the idea because of perceived barriers due to your age? Think again! There may be more travel in your future. Here’s some advice from a couple of travel...

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Quick Tips for Caregivers By Trena Winans, Education & Community Outreach Director Probably the number one thing I hear from family members who have a loved one with memory loss, is a desire to find more patience with repetitive questions and stories from their...

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Jump Into January

A Compilation of All Things January Five Fun Facts About January January is the coldest month in the Northern Hemisphere. Scholars say the name January derives from the Latin word for “door.” With the exception of leap years, January begins on the same day of the week...

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